As an independent investment advisory firm, we provide objective investment advice and services for other independent businesses like us.

We customize our services at each stage of our engagement to ensure clear alignment of people and processes to complement the culture and values of your organization.

Fiduciary Governance

We proactively assist in keeping you well informed at every stage of our engagement and routinely provide advisement to ensure our clients are fully aware of their fiduciary roles and responsibilities in all areas.

  • Regulatory issues and pending legislation
  • Fee benchmarking
  • Industry trends and best practices
  • Vendor evaluations
  • Investment Committee meetings and decision-making protocols

Investment Advising

At Pacific Portfolio, we view investment management as a dynamic process. We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” turnkey strategies.

We Know You

Understanding your goals is our top priority.

We Know the Markets

Drawing on our one-of-a-kind in-house research team and experienced investment specialists, we’ll deliver you a strategy built to succeed in today’s changing global landscape.

We’ll Find Your Best Fit

We’ll help you customize an investment strategy that makes sense for your goals.

Program Evaluation.

Let our expert team make sure the strategies you have in place are delivering results that match your goals. If you have an investment program in place, we can make sure it’s still working for you.

Independent Review

Many fiduciaries benefit from an occasional outside review to assure the solidity of their approach.

Broad knowledge

Our advisors can evaluate a range of program factors, such as asset mix, style diversification, and overall fund manager performance.

Customized Review Reports

If we find room for improvement, we will handcraft a strategy designed to boost your program and deliver the results you desire.

We believe wealth management is less about numbers, and more about people.

Fund Manager Selection

Identifying quality fund managers is at the heart of what we do and is how we clearly identify the best investment programs. As your expert advisor, our role is to consistently monitor your plan’s investment managers on your behalf. We perform this duty as an interactive part of our ongoing investment review process.

Comprehensive Approach

We have an in-depth process that focuses on both quantitative and qualitative measures for selecting the right fund managers to match your investment needs and remain consistent with your investment policies.

Our Investment Committee

Central to our comprehensive services is our internal Investment Committee, comprised of the firm’s Senior Consultants, Advisors and Chief Investment Officer, and fully supported by our in-house research team. This team is responsible for all decisions regarding our internal investment processes and the overall advice we provide to each of our clients.

Detailed Reporting

We process all of the relevant investment data and analyze a multitude of metrics to create information that is meaningful to you. We provide detailed reports that our clients depend on to carry out their respective fiduciary duties.

Quantitative Analysis

Pacific Portfolio identifies managers that meet certain criteria and exhibit certain characteristics, including: high consistency of absolute & risk-adjusted outperformance relative to benchmark & peers, high consistency of investment style over time, reasonable expenses relative to category peers.

Qualitative Analysis

Managers meeting quantitative criteria receive a detailed questionnaire covering such areas as: investment philosophy, Investment process, qualifications of personnel, explanation of periods of substantial over- or under-performance.

PPC Investment Committee Decision

Pacific Portfolio’s Investment Committee reviews and evaluates information obtained from the investment managers to determine which best meet our exacting standards. The Committee vote determines specific investment manager assignments to a specific asset class and investment style.

Employee Education

We believe that the best investors are well informed investors. We are committed to making sure every member of your organization feels informed and supported.

Employee Engagement

Not everyone is an investment expert. That’s why we are committed to working with your team to ensure they understand the value of the investment opportunities in your plan.

Clear Communication

We can speak to your team in clear language to make sure they understand exactly how their program works and how it may truly benefit them.

Building Confidence

Let us inspire your participants to self-direct their investments for retirement within the structure of the program that together we have crafted for them.